Flow has LAUNCHED!

We are proud to launch the official launch of Flow, a new HTML5-based multimedia webinar platform!

With this new platform, we aim to fundamentally change how people create, market and execute webinars, using software with absolutely no downloads needed for Organizers, Presenters or Attendees alike, making for a much more simple, streamlined webinar experience.

Here is some more information about the platform that should help get you started!

Quick Start Guide

To help you get a feel of what to expect when getting started using Flow, we have created this Quick Start Guide which gives and over view of the following topics:

  • Account Sign In and Customization
  • Event Creation and Marketing
  • Webinar Setup and Execution
  • Viewing Post Webinar Reporting Data

You can download a copy of the Quick Start Guide HERE.


The Dashboard is your "home base." It's the place where all of your past, present and future Webinar Events live, and where you will spend a good deal of your time preparing for your webinars. The intuitive Card layout makes it easy for you to see important event details at a glace, while still allowing you the flexibility of changing settings and timing of these events quickly and easily.

Prep Mode

You can always access your webinar environment any time before your event by entering what we call Prep Mode. When you are in Prep Mode, you can upload content and plan out your webinar flow well ahead of time.


One of the most important new tools in Flow is the innovative Webinar Storyboard, which allows you to create a list of Content Blocks and execute them in sequence, making for a much more organized webinar.

Learn More about Flow

You can use the search box on this page to learn more about Flow using the articles in our Help Center. Also, please look forward to additional support content, such as walk-through tutorial videos and much more, getting released over the coming months!

Welcome to Flow!


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