This will walk you through how to share the registration link(s) as an organizer or an attendee.

Sharing a Registration Link as an Organizer

In order for your attendees to sign-up for your event, they would first need to register. This is where the registration link becomes the key to a successful event in which you will need to manage properly.

  1. From your Dashboard, create an event and fill-up the necessary fields depending on your preferences.
  2. You can add other registration sources as well by using the Track Registration Sources option.
  3. Click Push Changes to finalize the setup
  4. Once it is complete, you’ll see the event information and settings page where you will find the registration links posted. In this example, there are four links available that you can share. The Main Link, Facebook Link, Website Link, and the Email Link.
  5. Choose which Registration Link you want to and click “Copy” then simply share this to any platform of your liking.

Sharing a Link as an Attendee

There is more than one way to share registration links and even your attendees can do this by themselves with a few clicks away. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you share the registration links for everyone.

  1. Obtain a FLOW registration link from your organizer.
  2. Locate the quick share links at the bottom right, where you can see “SHARE WITH FRIENDS.” You can choose among the three options such as Facebook, Twitter, and via email which you will need to log in with a registered account for each corresponding platform.