Introduction to Flow Reports - Intelligent Reporting

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Flow Reports

Flow app provides you a set of comprehensive reports with analytics best of its class. This guide introduces and walks you through the entire Flow event report and links to detailed explanations of difficult parts.

Flow event report provides in-depth engagement analytics. With that, you can get a better idea of how engaging your content and how your attendees behaved during the entire webinar! It is very useful to make intelligent decisions.

Conversions, Source Tracking, and Engagement Scores

1. Conversions

Conversions give you an overview of the registrants. Mainly, it shows how many people viewed a registration link, the number of registrants, and the actual number of attendance

2. Source Tracking

Source Tracking is one of the most useful features of Flow events is the ability to track registrants so that you can distinguish the sources the registrants register from. When you create the event, you get the following option in the "Settings" section

Here you can add the source of registration that you expect and distribute these links to each segment of registrants. For instance, you need to track who registered from an email invitation, from the website, and from a Facebook page. You can easily generate custom tracking links (from a list or add your own)
Example link:
The report shows the number of registrants and the source in a pie chart

3. Engagement Score

Engagement Score: This is one of the unique and most important sections of the report. For more information, please read Engagement Score and FAQs

Flow Engagement Score shows the average engagement score of all attendees. It is customizable to fit your needs!

Participant Overview

There are two sections in this view.

1. Map View

This displays the location of each attendee to the nearest location

The accuracy of the location depends on the data we receive from third parties. This does not display information if the number of registrants is over 500.

2. Attendee Presence

This is another great feature of Flow. This gives you an idea of how many users were active in each webinar segment (i.e., during a slideshow, during a video play, etc.) and the timeline in minutes. This also offers to zoom-in and out feature to easily scroll through the report. Here is a screenshot of an actual report

This report shows the number of active viewers in a 50-minute webinar. During the webinar Slides and Q&A, storyboard items were used.

Participant Details

This section also got two parts. One part displays the information about Hosts and Presenters. The other displays the information of Registrants and Attendees. This report is downloadable as a CSV and includes even more details.

Hosts and Presenters

Some names and locations are hidden intentionally in this screenshot.

Registrants and Attendees

Some names and locations are hidden intentionally in this screenshot.

What details are available in the downloadable CSV?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • email
  • Role: Host, Presenter, attendee, or Flow Support
  • Phone: Mobile users
  • Location
  • Duration in minutes
  • Entry time
  • Exit time
  • Attended: Yes/No
  • Survey Answered: How many surveys answered by at attendee
  • Chat sent
  • Questions sent: During the Q&A attendees can ask questions
  • Attentive time in minutes: This is something important to understand. This measures how many minutes an attendee keeps the webinar room (browser tab/window) opened on the computer desktop (without minimizing or keeping it at the back). It gives a measure of attentiveness
  • Popups clicked: The number of presence checks clicked by an attendee. Presence checking is a new feature. Click here for more details
  • Engagement Score: For more details, check Engagement Score and FAQs
  • Registration source: Source tracking
  • On-Demand User: You can make replays available for new registrants to view on-demand. This designates such a user
  • Replace access date: The date the on-demand viewer accessed the replay
  • Replay progress: The percentage of the replay viewed by the user

Survey and Feedback

This section displays the surveys answered by the attendees during the event, as well as the End Webinar Feedback Survey. The following is a report of a survey using the Survey storyboard item during a webinar. This report is available to download as a CSV.

End Webinar Feedback Survey is a survey that is created by Flow to collect some information from the users. It is a static survey that displays at the end of a webinar as the exit page. You can add it to your event on the Settings page under Advanced Options. Webinar feedback is a download-only report.


Both attendee and presenter chat are available as both viewable text and a downloadable CSV.


Q&A reports are available here in a table view and as a downloadable CSV.

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