Viewing Created Webinar Events in the Dashboard

Modified on Tue, 12 May 2020 at 03:06 PM

When you sign in to your Flow account, you are first greeted with your Flow Dashboard. 

Scheduled Event Sorting

On the Dashboard, you will see your Flow Event Cards organized in the following manner (from left-to-right):

  • Current Events:
    Events that are scheduled to occur in the next two hours
  • Scheduled Events:
    All events that occur in the future
  • Past Events:
    All schedule events that have already occurred

By default, you will see events in the Scheduled Events tab upon sign in.
If you have an event occurring in the next two hours, you will see the Current Events tab when you sign in.

Webinar Event Cards

Scheduled events in Flow show on your Dashboard as Webinar Event Cards. These cards give you access to important tools and information to edit and monitor the status of the event. These include:

  • The Report Link: Click to access your pre-event or post-event report (depending on if the event is a Past or Current)
  • The Enter Link: This allows you to enter the Webinar Environment for this event
    This link will change to the Replay link for Past Events
  • The Event Menu ("..."): Allows access to the following items:
    • Summary: Takes you directly to the Event Summary page, containing your Webinar Access Links
    • Edit: Allows you to through the Event Setup links and change event settings
    • Duplicate: Makes a copy of the event and its settings
      A duplicated event will automatically use the same name with the words "Copy of..." at the beginning. You can change this manually.
      You will also need to change the date and time information to match your schedule
    •  Delete: Deletes the Webinar Event Card from your Dashboard
      You must confirm the deletion before proceeding. 

Other Event Information

The Webinar Event Card will also give important information to you, at-a-glance:

  • Event Title and Graphic
  • Webinar Date/Time
  • The current number of registrations
  • The current number of registration page views (approximate)
    If you do not have a Storyboard created for your event, you will see a notice at the bottom of the Webinar Event Card:

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