Fully Automating Webinars with Autoflow

Modified on Mon, 26 Apr 2021 at 10:44 AM

Automating an Event

Automating a webinar can be extremely useful in many scenarios. For instance, if you or your presenters have a busy schedule and unable to present in the live webinar, this could be your lifesaver. In this guide, let's look at how to automate an event with 2 great features available with Flow.


Autoflow is a unique technology to help you pre-record and automate storyboard items. You could pre-record any storyboard item easily and play it during the webinar. Here's how you can do it.

The screen sharing must be turned on to create a screen sharing auto flow and you must be “on-air” when creating a webcam and slide autoflow.

  1. Join the event you created as a host and request the presenters whose storyboard items to be recorded join along with you
  2. Add a content block and assign the presenter(s). In this guide, let's use a Slides storyboard item
  3. Have the assigned presenter(s) turn their microphone and webcam on
  4. Now, click the Automate button as in the following screenshot
  5. If the audio/webcam devices are not ready (webcam is optional), the host sees the following 

    The presenter sees the following on his/her end
  6. If the microphone or microphone and webcam are ready, the host sees the following

  7. Once everything is ready, click the Start Recording button. This will start the recording after a countdown (5 seconds). You should see the following so as the presenter
  8. When the recording is complete, click Stop Recording
  9. Save the recording in the next step. Alternatively, you can record a new one (the current one will be deleted if you do this)

  10. Now when you look at the storyboard item, you can distinguish it from the others
  11. To play this recorded item, simply click the play button. Testing this after recording is important

Removing a presenter whose autoflow is recorded is not advised
Currently, autoflows cannot be reused. The good news is that we have planned to make this feature available in the near future!

Important information

  • If the first storyboard item is an autoflow as soon as you start the event, the first item will be played automatically. If there are one or more autoflows next, those will also be played automatically
  • If there are two or more adjacent autoflows, when you play an autoflow, it will play the next automatically
  • If there is a non-autoflow storyboard item, it will break the autoplay of autoflow items

Automatically Starting the Event

Sometimes you find scenarios you need to fully automate an event with the automatic event start. This is possible with Flow with just one click! This event will play all the available autoflow items until the end.

You must record at least one autoflow to make this work!

  1. When you create an event, in the Settings section, expand Advanced Options
  2. Enable Auto-Start Event and publish the event

Important information

  • If there are non-autoflow items, the process will skip these items

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