Zapier Integration Instructions

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Flow has partnered with Zapier, a 3rd party service, to make integrating Flow with other software and services easier than ever! 

You can integrate with Flow using Zapier's free account option, but integration with some other services may require a Premium Account, which has a monthly charge. Please contact Zapier Support directly for more information about their paid account options.

Getting Started

First, you will need at least a Free Zapier account, which can be made by visiting

You will also need to have access to a Flow Admin Account. Contact another Administrator for your account if you need one, and they will set you up.

Making a "Zap"

After creating your account on Zapier, you will be able to create integrations with other software and services linked to Zapier. These integrations are called "Zaps" and are very easy to get started by clicking the Make a Zap button at the top of any Zapier page.

While we will be as detailed as possible in the instructions for Zapier as they pertain to integrating with Flow, this will not be a comprehensive tutorial for using Zapier in general. We suggest visiting Zapier Support or support for the specific app you are trying to integrate with Flow if you have any questions.

Name Your Zap

First things first: Choose a name for your zap! This is so you know what the zap does and you can identify it if you want to edit it later on. Once you choose a name, move on to your Trigger App.

Trigger and Action Apps

Zapier works by using what is called Trigger Apps and Action Apps.

  • A Trigger App is a service or software used to cause an Action in your Zap later down the line.
  • An Action App is a service or software that is triggered by the Trigger App.
For example, if you want to send out a Gmail Message every time a Flow event gets a new registration, Flow would be the Trigger, and Gmail would be the Action App. 

Choosing a Trigger App (When This Happens...)

First, decide on what app or service you will use to trigger your actions. You do this by searching for a supported App in the search box:

The Flow App integration is currently in Early Access. Please contact your Account Manager to be invited to use Flow App in your integrations.


Authenticating with Flow and Other Apps

After choosing a Trigger App you will need to give Zapier access to the app by logging in, or providing API authentication (depending on the service used). Just follow the on-screen instructions.

For Flow, you will simply need to provide your account email and password.
The AccountID field can be left blank unless you have multiple Flow Accounts listed under the same email address. If this is the case, please contact Flow Support for help obtaining your AccountID.

Choosing a Trigger Event

If you choose Flow for this step, you can take advantage of the following triggers, along with the data you can use in the Action Step later on:

New Registrant: Whenever someone registers for an event of your choosing, the Action App will trigger.
You can gather the following data from the New Registrant Trigger:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Location of Registration
  • Event Token

Registration Change: Whenever someone is removed from the registration list, the Action App will trigger.
You can gather the following data from the Registration Change trigger:

  • Email Address
  • What Action was Taken (delete, etc...)

New Event: Whenever a new event is created, the Action App will trigger.
You can gather the following data from the New Event trigger:

  • Event Title
  • Creator first Name
  • Creator Last Name
  • Creator Email
  • Operator Data (Organizer/Presenter First Names, Last Names, and Emails)
  • Event Token (for use in other Zaps/APIs)
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Event Duration
  • Event Timezone
  • Event Replay Recording Status (1=Enabled, 0=Disabled)

Event Ended: When a Flow Event is ended, the Action App will trigger.

You can gather the following data from the Event Ended trigger:

  • Registrant CSV Data (names, emails, etc...)
  • Operator Chat CSV Data
  • Attendee Chat CSV Data
  • Survey Response CSV Data
After choosing your trigger, you may want to test the trigger before moving on to the next step (this is an optional step). Testing will pull in sample data from the Trigger App.

Choosing an Action App (Do This...)

The Action App is the service that will do an action based on your Trigger. Just like the Trigger App, search for the app in the search box.

Once you select an Action App, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your action. If you choose Flow for this step, you can take advantage of the following action:

Create Registrant: When your Trigger Event happens, Flow will create a new registrant for a specific event.

You will need to collect the following pieces of data from either the Trigger App or your Flow Event Summary Page to successfully create the registrant using this integration:

The data for these fields can most likely be pulled from your Trigger App using the Insert a Field button in the text entry box:
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Event Session Token
    • This can be found on the Event Summary Page at the end of your Event URL, or by using another Zapier/API integration
  • Redirect (yes/no): Used for SSO purposes (contact Flow Support for help with this)
If you have a Premium Zapier account, you can make a single trigger have multiple action steps, so you can use multiple apps. Contact Zapier Support for more info on this.

Testing and Finalizing your Zap

After completing the setup of your zap, you can send a test through Zapier to ensure everything is working as expected. If so, you can finalize your zap and turn it on. After that, you can make more zaps or exit Zapier.


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