Following-up with your event registrants is now easier than ever using Flow's integrated Follow-Up page! 

Sending Follow-Up Emails

To access the Follow-Up page for any event:

  • Go to the Past Events tab of your Dashboard and find the event you wish to send emails for.
  • On that event's card, click the "..." button at the top right of the card, then click the Follow-Up menu item:

On the next page, you can edit and send your follow-up messages, and even send a test message to a specific address to check formatting and language ahead of time:

  • Add your desired text to the Subject and Body text fields:
    • The body of the email can be formatted using the HTML Text editor above the text box.
  • Once you are done adding your text, you can choose to include a link to any Slides you set as downloadable during your event.
    ONLY the Slides blocks that you included the download option for will be linked in this email.
  • You can also specify an email address and send a test email to verify proper text and design before sending actual the follow-up message.
  • Once you are satisfied that the email looks the way you link, click the Send follow-Up button.

Additional Info

Here are some things to remember about Follow-Ups:

  • Once you send a follow-up message once and return to this page, you will see a message saying you have already sent follow-ups for this event. You can always send out additional follow-up messages if you so choose.
  • The emails will go to everyone who registered for the event, not just those who attended.
  • Emails are meant to go out instantly, but for larger events of 100 registrants or more, there may be a slight delay for some recipients.
  • Make sure your audience has allowed emails from addresses through their spam filters, email filters and/or network firewalls.