The Storyboard

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Flow's Storyboard is where all of the content for your Webinar Event is created and controlled by your Event Orgainzer(s).

  • The Storyboard works like a "content list," where each new type of content is added as a Content Block to the bottom of the list and can be activated in sequence as the webinar progresses.
  • Each Content Block is assigned one or more Presenters, who will be automatically brought "On Air" when the Content Block is activated. This helps remove any confusion about who is supposed to be talking and when.
  • To activate a Content Block, hover your cursor over the block and click the Play button in the middle.

You can move back and forth between Content Blocks if you wish, but it will be best to create separate blocks for content and go from top-to-bottom without returning to previous blocks.

Adding Content Blocks to the Storyboard

A Storyboard consists of one or more Content Blocks, which contain specific types/formats of content. To add a content Block to a Storyboard, click the "+" Block.

As you add content Blocks, the "+" Block will always be at the bottom of the list.

Content Block Types

To learn more about each Content Block type, click the Content Block name:

Basic Blocks

  • Slides: Allows you to upload static slide content either from presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc...) or from PDFs. The content will be shown on one page at a time.
  • Survey: Allows you to create Survey sets with one or more questions associated with them.
  • Video/Audio: Allows you to upload a short video or audio clips to play on the platform.
  • Screen Sharing: Allows the assigned presenter to show their desktop to the audience.
  • Presenter Bios: Shows a list of all Presenters along with their Profile Pictures and Bios as a static screen to your audience.

Advanced Blocks (these are either activated during Event Setup or available to Enterprise customers only) :

  • Q&A: Allows you to add a 3rd chat tab called Questions during this content block, which will allow your audience to ask questions of your Presenters.
  • Webcam (Enterprise Only): Allows you to show your Webcam feed as a separate content block

Editing Content Blocks

To edit an existing Content Block, hover your cursor over the block and click the Pencil icon to the left of the Play button:

This will open up the Content Blocks settings so they can be changed. Once you're done, click Update Storyboard:

Rearranging Content Block Order

If you want to change the position of any Content Block in the list, simply click and drag the block to the position you want.

Deleting Content Blocks

To delete a Content Block, hover your cursor over the block and click the Trash Can icon to the right of the Play Button:

All Content Block deletions are final! You will need to recreate the block from the beginning if it is deleted.
At the bottom of the Storyboard, you will see a button to End Prep Mode or End Webinar (depending on when you are inside of this Webinar Environment). To learn more about this, click <here>.


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