How to Install, Enable and Stop the ScreenSharing

This will allow you to share your desktop screen with your audience, allowing you to provide hands-on training and first-hand demonstrations of software running on your computer. 

For you to enable the screen sharing, please click the Screen Sharing Engine via the controls at the lower-left corner of the screen

It's important to note here that your attendees will NOT have to download anything extra in order for them to view your screens.

Verifying the Screen is Being Shared

You can verify that your screen is being shared by:


  • Checking for this message at the bottom of your monitor being shared:
  • Checking the display at the lower-left corner of the screen:

Stopping the Screen Sharing

To stop sharing your screen, either click the Stop sharing button in the message window at the bottom of your screen or click the Screen Sharing icon at the lower-left corner of the window.