Audio/Video Settings

This panel will allow you to configure your default webcam and default microphone device whenever you activate them.

If you have multiple devices for your webcam and microphone, you can easily select the specific device by clicking on the drop-down button.

Room Settings

The Toggle Transcription Input allows a host/presenter to manually type in captions in the webinar/meeting. 

Dark Mode is a feature that minimizes the amount of light emitted by the screen while keeping the minimum color contrast ratios needed for readability. You can toggle on and off this setting both for your desktop and mobile browser. 

Help & Tools

Access Support Website opens the support portal for all related knowledge-based articles you can browse through for hosts, presenters, and attendees. You can create also a support request ticket here.

Access Dashboard opens your current, scheduled, and past events page where you can manage them together with your profile settings.

Connection Test will check if your system is able to view or run webinars with Flow, please use the following testing tools to determine the compatibility of your internet connection/network connection and computer. 

View Logs lets you access the information needed by the FLOW Team to check for any errors during a session. You can copy the logs and forward them to our support team via email (to: