Opening a Link at the end of a Webinar

Exit landing page or end-marketing page is a highly useful feature for marketing and sales purposes. This feature is available with Flow events. This option is available in the Advanced Options in the Settings when you create an event. You simply have to expand the advanced options and enable the "Open Link at the end of Webinar" option.

You can even add a third-party survey as the exit landing page!

End Webinar Feedback Survey

You can add a survey as the exit landing page. However, this survey is not customizable at the moment but includes important questions. These questions help you to measure the quality of the webinar content, presenters, and platform. The input is also useful for us as the attendees can rate our platform and we take the feedback seriously.

To add this survey go to the Advanced Options and then enable "End Webinar Feedback Survey".

This is the survey your attendees see if you utilize this survey.

Feedback Survey Reports

To find the report,
  1. Go to the event dashboard
  2. Find the event card
  3. Click Report
  4. Go to the Surveys and Feedback