Flow event registration provides you with the means to collect important information from your registrants. That is by setting up custom questions at registration.

You can have text answers, single and multiple choice answers in a custom question. Questions can be set as mandatory.

Adding Custom Questions

Custom questions can be added during an event creation or while editing a saved event. Here's how.

  1. Create an event or edit an event and get to the Settings section (section 3)
  2. Enable Custom Questions at Registration
  3. Click Add new
  4. Click the '+'  button to add a new question or select from the list of your custom question
  5. If you are adding a question, add questions you prefer - you can add text-based answers, single choice and MCQs
  6. Select Mandatory if the registrant must take the question
  7. Click Add
  8. Select the question and click Add again
Currently, you cannot edit custom questions