Polling for Monitoring Attentiveness

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Attendance Monitoring

The attention of the attendees is an important part of a live webinar. If they don't keep their attention, the outcome of the webinar may not be productive. This is critical if the webinar is on a certain education topic, awarding credits at the end of the webinar.

The attendance monitoring tool is very useful to monitor attendee activities and obtain a report on how attentive the attendees were in addition to the default Attentive Time score in the report.

Attentive Time (m): This score is available in the Participant Details section. It is in the Registrants & Attendees report (CSV Download) where m is for minutes. This measures the time that the live webinar window/tab of the browser kept open as the main window/tab (without going to other browser tabs/windows) while the browser is in the foreground (without using other applications).

Using Attendance Monitoring

Enabling attendance monitoring requires just one click! Here's how to enable it.

  1. When creating/editing an event, in the Settings section, expand Advanced Options
  2. Enable Attendance Monitoring - use the toggle button to enable it

Use "Enable Attendance Monitoring" with "Use Certification" if you are to provide certifications at the end of the event, not just for participation but for the responses to attendance monitoring popups. If you enable both, it takes attendance time (m) and popups both into account.

Available Options

  1. Popup Message: You can customize the popup message. Otherwise, the attendees will see the default message shown here
  2. Popup Interval: You can select a popup interval. It simply means the randomness and the gap between 2 popups. If you select 1 - 3 minutes, for instance, your attendees see a popup during this period. There won't be 2 popups within this period. Once the popup is displayed, it counts again from 1 - 3 and pops up another. All attendees see a popup at the same time.
  3. This is how a popup appears in an attendee standpoint

Where is the Report?

You obviously need to find the report to see the outcome. Here's how to find the report.

To find the report,
  1. Go to the event dashboard
  2. Find the event card
  3. Click Report
  4. Go to the Participant Details
  5. Click Registrants and Attendees
  6. Download the CSV
  7. Look through the columns and find the Popups Clicked column to find the details

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