Prep-mode and Conference Mode

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When you create an event you set a date/time for the event as well as the duration "Enter time before the event starts". When you specify x minutes as the "Enter time before the event starts" the event accepts attendees x minutes before the event start time. X is equal to 15/30/60 minutes (you can select one depending on your requirement). The entire time from the event creation to this point is the duration that you can use to arrange the event and do the rehearsals. This readiness period is known as the prep-mode. It is the shorter version of preparing mode.

In prep-mode attendees cannot see storyboard items playing, or hear host(s) and presenters. Host(s) and presenters can see and hear each other and see storyboard items. It can be used to do learning, one-to-one training, rehearsals as well as record Autoflows (learn more).

You cannot start an event without adding at least one storyboard item!

When you join a webinar if you see End Prep Mode, it means two things.

  1. You haven't added a content block to the storyboard
  2. If you already have at least one storyboard item, the "Enter time before the event starts" has not reached yet (in this case, the Start Event button will be grayed out)

To end the preparation mode, you have to click the End Prep Mode button.

Even when the start time is reached or passed, you could still end the prep-mode if you have not started the event. This is critical if you want to end a session and re-start due to an unexpected situation. However, if you have already clicked Start Event you cannot go back!

Conference Mode

In prep-mode, your AV Controls are in the Conference Mode. As a host when you click this in the leftmost panel, you will see the following.

In this mode, even without being on-air, hosts and presenters can hear each other. Conference mode ends as soon as the event starts.

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