In some cases, you may need to edit a host or a presenter after you added him/her/them to an event. This guide walks you through how you can edit a host/presenter.

You must not remove a host/presenter if the host/presenter is assigned to an autoflow that is already created! In this case, you should not follow this method unless you want to re-create the autoflow.

Method 1

  1. Go to edit and to the presenter section
  2. Remove the presenter
  3. Now click the + button to find the presenter
  4. Search by name
  5. Edit the presenter by clicking the 3 dots (...)
  6. Once you edit the presenter, click the Update button
  7. Now add the presenter back

Method 2

  1. Start creating a new event (just fill in bogus details)
  2. Go to the 2nd section next where you add a presenter
  3. Click the + button, search the presenter, and click the (...) to edit
  4. Save presenter's details by clicking the Update button
  5. Click cancel twice (you don't need to create this event)