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Bringing up non-assigned hosts/presenters on-air

With the on-air feature, 

  • you can bring someone who is unassigned to a storyboard item
  • you can bring someone to the discussion when the storyboard item limits the number of presenters that can be assigned to a storyboard item (for instance, screen share permits only one, webcam module permits only 4)

To bring someone on-air:

  1. Make sure his/her mic or mic/webcam is on
  2. Click the A/V Controls panel
  3. Click the ON AIR button of the relevant person - the ON AIR button turns Teal from Gray
  4. Once enabled, it appears as the following.

When there are more presenters, the webcam tray provides a scrollbar so viewers can scroll to see the profiles/webcam footage of the presenters. The first to enable the microphone/webcam stays at the top, while the last one, stays at the bottom.

Taking someone off-air to troubleshoot

Assume that a presenter is experiencing an audio issue or the webcam is black. You can,

  1. bring the presenter off-air by clicking the A/V controls and then the Teal color ON AIR button
  2. fix the issue,
  3. bring him/her on-air once resolved.

If a host/presenter gets disconnected, he/she stays on-air. However, you MUST check the A/V Controls panel as a host if the person does not come on-air even after enabling the devices.

Remotely enabling or disabling devices

With the Flow A/V Controls panel, a host can remotely enable the microphone/webcam of another presenter.

  1. Click A/V Controls
  2. Click the device that you want the presenter to enable
  3. The remote party gets the following dialog box
  4. Once clicked on Enable Now, the devices will be enabled
  5. Make sure the person is on-air if he/she is not assigned to the current storyboard item
Do NOT click on a presenter's device to turn it off during a presentation. Instead, use the ON AIR button to bring the person off-air. 

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