Flow Webinar Rooms

Modified on Tue, 31 Jan 2023 at 12:10 AM

Flow started as an event-based platform. We understood that for certain scenarios, this does not fit. For instance, our trading clients who previously used Webinato required permanent virtual rooms to carry out their training sessions. Certain other clients needed breakout rooms. This guide introduces you to our latest addition to the Flow platform, the Webinar room system.

A "Room" is a virtual webinar room. It is permanent and has a direct access link and separate management options different from Flow events.

How does a Webinar Room work?

A Webinar Room on Flow is fundamentally similar to an indefinite event (core functionality), but it functions as a permanent and indefinite event that you can start and end manually. Unlike events, it provides direct and permanent links that don't change over time. 

You can start the session just like you start an event so that you can stream to your audience. Use the start button to let your audience (attendees) hear and see your A/V and the media modules you use.

Adding/Removing a Room

During the first phase (Beta), you will be requested to contact the Flow team to set up a webinar room for you.

Adding/Removing Hosts/Presenters to a Room

Entering a Room

Entering a Flow webinar room is quite easy. 

  1. Log into your Flow dashboard as a host/presenter
  2. Click the Rooms tab
  3. Click the name of your room
  4. Click the Enter button at the specific room card (near the bottom left)

- If the enter button is not enabled for you, you need to enlist yourself as a host/presenter. 
- If you see the '+' button to add yourself, go ahead.
- Ask your Flow administrator or a host to add you to the webinar room if you don't see the '+' button to add yourself to the room.

Managing Attendees (Add/Remove)

Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO)

Read our online guide on implementing SSO and integrating Flow into your website's login system. This will prevent users from registering or logging into Flow using a separate email/password combination. It saves time for you and your clients. Click here to learn more.

Adding/Removing Registered Users

Adding/Removing Guest Users and Set Passwords

Starting/Ending the Room

Managing Replays

Viewing Reports

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