Flow Release Notes: Version 1.6.0

Modified on Sun, 05 Sep 2021 at 03:25 AM

New Version Update: 1.6.0 Now Available!

We are proud to announce the release of Flow Version 1.6.0! This update contains new feature additions, improvements to existing functionality, necessary bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and other important updates.

Feature Updates

Attendee Interactions

This is one of the major updates we introduced in version 1.6.0. As a host now you have the ability to assign audio and webcam controls (podium) to attendees on the fly! The following set of features are added.

  • Enable attendee interactions in advanced event settings
  • Attendee raise-hand feature to request the podium
  • Notification on the participant panel to host/presenter
  • Auto-sorting the attendees who raised their hands
  • Provide the podium via participant panel and the ability to revoke
  • Circulate the podium to requesters (to one at a time)
  • A participant filter was added to the participant list to find the desired attendee to provide the podium

More information is available here.

Autoflow Migration

We've heard your feedback and provided the ability to migrate autoflows from one event to another. With the help of a customer support agent, now you can reuse your favorite autoflow recordings in future events. You can find more information here.

Feature Enhancements

New and Improved A/V Tray

We’ve moved the webcam footage and portraits of the hosts/presenters from the upper-right position to an entirely new section on the left. Best of all, you can now collapse and expand the section to get a better view of the stage. No more overlapping and you will love the sleek look and feel! Click here to take a peek.

Meeting Mode Goodies

Flow Meeting Mode is significantly enhanced with the following improvements and new additions

  • Webcam layout is enhanced to efficiently utilize the space in gallery view
  • Improved pinning options - now you can pin the user directly by clicking the user's portrait/webcam footage, without going to the participant panel multiple times. Click herefor more
  • Full-screen mode for screen sharing in presenter view - since the screens are displayed area is smaller in this view we provide a way to enlarge the view with a single click. More information is available here

More Organized Settings Panel

The settings panel in the webinar room is more organized now. It groups the A/V controls, Room settings, Help & Tools better. A set of tooltips are also there to describe certain options.

Announcement Closing Option

A button to close announcements is available so that any participant can close the announcement before it closes automatically. More information is available here.

Back-end Infrastructure Improvements

  • We’ve optimized the database queries to reduce the load, enhance response time, and reliability
  • Flow now utilizes the latest Kurento version 6.16 version (more information)
  • Gitlab CI/CD

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with multiple webcams not appearing on the host/presenter end
  • Event invitation emailing issue with drafts
  • Login attempts with bad participant code/tokens not notified
  • Various other improvements and optimizations


The software will update automatically, so there is nothing for you to do to get the latest features. You can always check the current version of Flow by clicking the gear icon at the top right of your webinar environment.

If you are running a version other than 1.6.0, please completely quit out of your browser and restart it. If you are still getting an older version, please clear all cached files and cookies (by holding "ctrl-shift-delete" on your keyboard) and restart your browser again.


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