Introducing the Whiteboard + Notes with Multi-language Support

Modified on Wed, 26 Jul 2023 at 09:59 AM

The whiteboard is a handy tool to use during your training sessions, presentations, and many other scenarios. A public notes module can be similarly advantageous. We got both the whiteboard and notes together! 

Whiteboard is in Beta and therefore, some limitations exist. 

Using the Whiteboard

Adding a Whiteboard

  1. Click the Add Content Block button in the Storyboard - if you have multiple blocks added, scroll to the bottom
  2. Click 
  3. Assign the appropriate hosts/presenters to it and add it to the board
  4. Click the play button to launch

Whiteboard Global Options

In the upper left corner, you can find these options. These options control the whiteboard mode (dark/white), language, and canvas color. You can also export/save an image on your end as a host/presenter.

Using the Tools Bar

You will see a tools bar at the upper mid-section. Let's learn these tools from the leftmost item.

  1. Lock: To use it, click the lock or click the Q key on your keyboard. This keeps the selected tool active even after you draw it. To unlock, click again or press Q again
  2. Hand (Panning) Tool: Click the tool or type H to activate it. Use this to drag the drawing area - We recommend you avoid using it as it may not center properly afterward
  3. Selection Tool (arrow): Click the tool or type 1 or V to activate it
  4. Rectangle Tool: Click or type R or 2 to activate it
  5. Diamond: Click or type D or 3 to activate it
  6. Elipse: Click or type O or 4 to activate it
  7. Arrow: Click or type A or 5 to activate it
  8. Line: Click or type L or 6 to activate it
  9. Draw (freehand): Click or type P or 7 to activate it
  10. Text: Typing tool. Click or type T or 8 to activate it
  11. Insert Image: Click or type 9 to add an image
  12. Eraser: Click or type E or 0 to activate it

To use the Whiteboard as a Notepad, use the Text (A) tool.

Tool-based Options

Once you click a tool, you will see a sub-set of options on the left. 

  1. Stroke color
  2. Background color
  3. Stroke width
  4. Stroke style
  5. Sloppiness (of the lines of the drawing)
  6. Edges (rounded or square)
  7. Opacity
  8. Layers
    • Send to back
    • Send backward
    • Bring to front
    • Bring forward
  9. Actions
    • Duplicate
    • Delete
    • Insert a Link


  1. If you reorder a whiteboard, you may lose the content - do not reposition for the time being
  2. If you move a whiteboard to a position where a previous whiteboard existed, you may get older content - you can still clean the board and add new content
  3. Issues with centering on attendees may be seen if you use the Hand (Pan) tool
  4. Size issues may be present on mobile browsers

These issues are being addressed. 

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